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Friar Broccoli

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[quote=Soapy Sam,Jan. 18 2014,12:50][/quote]

Thanks for suggesting this article.  It is now obvious to me that I need to read up on mhc in primates and long isolated human populations like Australian Aborigines and Native Americans.  Don't know what I'll find but should see something useful.


This selection was in train in ancestral pre-human lineages as well, so we descend from a long line of polymorphic species. How it transcends the apparent human population bottleneck of as few as 10,000 individuals, I'm not so sure. But you can't assume a single allele at the 'dawn of man', or any intervening point.

I am interested in assuming 8 alleles 4500 years ago (or two 6,000 years ago) and establishing that it is impossible.


and you don't just multiply it down a single lineage, as noted by qetzal. Each time a lineage splits, twice as many mutations are separating their MHCs than happen in each separate line; split them a few more times and you could soon get 1000 different versions, even if each individual lineage only experienced a few mutations.

I suspected this was the problem.  I will probably need to figure out some other way of making the argument.

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