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Alan Fox

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 20 2014,05:05   

I see phoodoo is posting at Uncommon Descent

Not too long back Giberson wrote a piece for Huffington post criticizing creationism, and in particular criticizing the fact that the Dissent from Darwin, as well as other critical papers against evolution are by scientists whose field is not evolutionary biology, and thus they have no expertise to make claims about the theory.

When I attempted to point out the hypocrisy of Gibersonís statements about evolution, given that he is a teacher of physics and has no biology background at all, all of my posts mentioning this were of course deleted by Huffpost (I assume by his request).

I'm shocked.

In the spirit of free exchange of ideas, I invite phoodoo to repost his censored comments here where they will certainly see the light of day.

There is so much dishonesty in science these days (and attempts to censor the public knowledge of the theory-see Wikipediaís utter BS campaign to distort the truth at every turn) that any doubts about evolution can only be a testament to the utter lack of anything convincing about the theory at all.

Have you seen how the thread at TSZ you flounced from has evolved?


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