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gnome de net

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Quote (JonF @ Jan. 08 2014,07:53)
Quote (gnome de net @ Jan. 07 2014,17:02)
The earliest Google search result is Jul 17, 1996.  Since it's frequently the misappellation of the Sargasso Sea, [due to the more-familiar English spelling of the Spanish city Zaragoza?], the error probably has a long history predating the internet.

He was posting at EvC and (IIRC) TWeb and maybe others as Willowtree before then. At EvC he's currently known as Cold Foreign Object and is suspended. His first post there was in November of 2003....

Just to clarify: I've merely cited the earliest on-line instance of the Saragossa/Sargasso confusion.  It was neither in the context of an Atlantis conjecture nor attributable to our resident wannabe paradigm shifter.

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