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Quote (gnome de net @ Jan. 07 2014,17:02)
The earliest Google search result is Jul 17, 1996.  Since it's frequently the misappellation of the Sargasso Sea, [due to the more-familiar English spelling of the Spanish city Zaragoza?], the error probably has a long history predating the internet.

He was posting at EvC and (IIRC) TWeb and maybe others as Willowtree before then. At EvC he's currently known as Cold Foreign Object and is suspended. His first post there was in November of 2003:

The Bible teaches that if a person cannot deduce from what is made that a Creator made it then the reason they cannot is because they are suffering the wrath of God. God's invisible attributes were intentionally incorporated into the universe - He left His fingerprints all over what is made. Those unable to recognize this fact are blinded by God as His response to being rejected as the Creator. Simply said evolution is the creation of brilliant people who have been rejected by God for rejecting Him. The intelligent design of the universe is obvious to persons who possess honesty and a spititual reciever. Reject God and your insight is removed.

See Back then he was ranting much more about his heroes; the late con-man Gene Scott, the ignoramus Richard Milton, and I totally forget the third.

Quote from Milton, "Shattering the Myths of Darwinism", p 192 (that's Ray's cite, I've never seen the book):

"The key factor about the evolution of marsupials is that a large number of modern marsupial animals exist which - apart from the pouch and child rearing habits - are identical with placental mammals to an extroardinary degree. This is no mere general similarity of anatomical detail, but an almost perfect duplication of distinctive species like cats, rats, wolves, moles, flying squirrels, anteaters, and others. In addition there are distinctive marsupials which exist only in Australia, such as the koala and the kangaroo.

How does it come about that in widely separated environments the same tiny shrewlike ancestral mammal of 65 million years ago should evolve on strictly paralell lines to produce virtually the same range of large mammals today ? The Tasmanian marsupial wolf is a virtual carbon copy of the European timber wolf. The marsupial flying phalanger is practically identical to the placental flying squirrel, as are the marsupial jerboa and the placental jerboa. When the skulls of the two wolves are placed side by side, it would take an experienced professional zoologist to tell them apart.

The question for Darwinists is : How can a mouselike creature have evolved into two identical wolflike creatures (and two identical moles,etc.) on two different continents ? Doesn't this coincidence demand not merely highly improbable random mutations, but miraculous ones ?"

Remind you of anybody?

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