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Quote (stevestory @ April 07 2021,19:23)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ April 07 2021,19:20)
Quote (stevestory @ April 07 2021,17:10)
An emailer tells me that they think that Viola Lee, and probably Steve and Count of Crisco, have been shadow banned by the creationist cowards. I wouldn’t be surprised.

That is hilarious. Viola Lee had to be the most reasonable person that I have seen in a long time on there. And count of crisco was barely a presence. I guess the lesson to learn is that you can’t criticize batshitcrazy77.

Couple of years ago I had a sock over there, I forget which one, and I basically told BatShit77 that while he likes to babble about QM quotes he found on the Internet, he couldn’t pass a quantum 101 test if he had a gun to his head, and about 30 minutes later my sock was deactivated.

Cancel Culture!

Do you think Barry ever gets sick of Batshitcrazy77 emailing him telling him that he is being picked on?

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