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IdPnSD July 16, 2019 at 2:35 pm
Not only quantum mechanics (QM) is wrong, entire science is wrong. Therefore science cannot be useful, not just QM. It is well known that all of science is based on assumptions. Since assumptions are false, not just approximate, and no matter how you manipulate assumptions, results will always remain assumptions. Thus no results can be useful neither for nature nor for engineering. It is a myth that science is the foundation of engineering.

Real numbers are false, because they are not objects of nature. Real numbers are points on a straight line, but straight line does not exist in nature, since all objects in the universe are continuously moving. Thus the entire real number system is false. Since science uses mathematics, science must be false or wrong. Engineering is not wrong, because engineering uses objects of nature. But since engineering also uses false math, false science, and false money (because money is a real number also), engineering is not reliable, it crashes, and pollutes environment. For more details and many examples of false science take a look at the free book at

Let's get retarded (Black eyed peas song)

Let's get retarded (UD link)

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