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Quote (Henry J @ May 16 2019,04:01)
Quote (stevestory @ May 15 2019,17:05)
I was listening to the SGU podcast yesterday (a podcast I find increasingly annoying and boring) and they made the point that you know over the last 15 years the number of people walking around with cameras on their person has gone up by a factor of about a million and yet the photos of UFOs...haven't.

I reckon that if more people have pictures of whatever it was, they have a better chance of identifying it, therefore fewer of the objects remain unidentified?

Or am I missing the point?  :p

How many of  "Levitationist - The End is Neigh" nutters on digital street corners would actually be interested in photographic evidence or the lack thereof when the voices that they hear in their heads are telling them they saw levitation with their own eyes. He probably believes  witches can turn a man into a bird or that ghosts exist. Pretty easy to do after one accepts religious parables and myths as facts.

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