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Quote (Ptaylor @ May 15 2019,21:02)
Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ May 16 2019,10:35)
Joe (ET) is dearly missed over at UD. KF and Batshitcrazy77 are doing all of the heavy lifting.

Yes. Those two, along with a handful of people (e.g. Axel, Asauber) who do nothing but cheer them on from the sidelines, seem to comprise the pro-ID side over there. And of course Denyse, cranking out post after post, but not really engaging in discussions. It seems to me that a number of previously frequent commenters are conspicuous by their absence. A few, just off the top of my head:
Upright Biped
William J Murray
Bill Cole
Barry seems to have lost interest lately, too. Maybe this time we really are seeing the demise of UD.

I think I saw bill Cole a time or two recently, but yeah, they're running a skeleton crew over there. Dense even said something dumb about if QM is wrong then what good is it? Or something, and I didn't even have the morivation to dunk on her about it. Ed George is critical of KF for being an asshole to BB and Helen. After several consecutive days of obsessing about hot sweaty muscular men getting physical with each other, KF is now babbling about Bortion some more.

I almost wish I had one last sock so I could ask everybody where they plan to hang out once the lights finally go off. :-)

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