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Quote (stevestory @ May 15 2019,09:11)
I never before went to BS77's website.

It's one page. With >100,000 words.

Sakes alive.

Ah yes, the TimeCube format. Always the sign of unadulterated genius at work.

Speaking of TimeCube, the last time I visited Gene's site was when it came up in discussion (here I believe) because it looked like someone managed to inject some script that was bouncing visitors to spam pages for a while. Turns out Gene Ray died back in 2015. Total bummer.

It's a shame the original domain wasn't salvaged as it's now owned by an online gambling joint or affiliate or whatever. However, the internet being the internet, not only is it archived on the Wayback someone has graciously hosted a faithful copy at

Batshit should be so lucky.

"So I'm a pretty unusual guy and it's not stupidity that has gotten me where I am. It's brilliance."

"My brain is one of the very few independent thinking brains that you've ever met. And that's a thing of wonder to you and since you don't understand it you criticize it."

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