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Yea to Steve_h, who described my situation perfectly in respect to Barry and his torturing babies quesion:

There are two issues here – as there are each time when you ask “is it always evil to torture a baby for pleasure”. You could get two “Yes” or “No” answers simply by asking two questions:
Do you think the holocaust/torturing a child is always wrong/evil? and do you think there is an absolute
external moral standard by which we could answer all such questions.

Most atheists/materialists would probably answer “Yes” to the first and “No” to the second, but you
always insist on a simple “Yes” or “No”. Why is that? After all, you know you are going to spew many words
misrepresenting their views regardless of the answer. A single “Yes” or “No” can only cover one of these
two questions and no matter which one they chose, you will claim that they were answering the other one.

If they answer “Yes”, meaning that they think the holocaust/torture is always evil, you will claim
that they obviously accept an external and objective standard and that they are therefore lying
when they tell you that they do not believe in such a thing.

If they answer “No” meaning only that they don’t believe in an external/objective standard you
know it will look to many people as though the answer concerned holocausts/torture and neither you
nor any of your like-minded regulars here will make any attempt to correct the misunderstanding. Quite
the contrary, because that misunderstanding is exactly the result you want.

If they explain that a simple yes/no answer can not accurately convey their thoughts on these two
separate issues, you will claim they are refusing to give a simple answer to a simple question, or
accuse them of being long-winded, or make up some fresh new way to mispresent them (Eg “This commenter thinks it’s OK for other people to kill/torture people”), or you will delete the answer,
or ban the commenter (or some combination of these)

And if they refuse to play along with your dishonest game you will accuse them of cowardice.


For the record, I got booted from UD for accusing Barry of being a coward because he deleted all the posts of people complaining about his behavior.

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