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Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Dec. 11 2018,17:26)
From Santa Barry
Everyone has heard of a “shoestring budget.”  But did you know that UD gets by on an “aglet budget”?  What is an aglet? you ask.  An aglet is that little plastic sheath at the end of a shoestring.  That’s right.  Our budget is so small that we only wish we could get by on a shoestring.  All of which is prelude to our annual holiday fundraising drive.  If you have benefited from our News Desk’s tireless chasing of the latest ID-related happenings, or KF’s in-depth analysis of the fundamentals, or gpuccio’s scientific insights, or any of our other UD features, please consider a donation to help fund our efforts.  The Donate button is there on the right of the screen under the search function.  Thank you!

Be sure to tithe, sorry sow a seed, donate.

It is interesting. Usually after Barry posts an OP, boot lickers like Batshitcrazy77, Mullings and Joe (ET) make a point of commenting quickly in support of him. But when he asks for funds... crickets. As Mullings would say, very telling.

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