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OldAndrewNovember 22, 2018 at 5:07 pm

Does your hard drive weigh more when it’s got more files on it? The brain is not a hard drive but it’s obvious that a medium which contains material representations of abstractions doesn’t necessarily need to change dimensions or weight depending on what it stores.

What are the physical dimensions of truth?

Your rhetorical nonsense never ends. Why would the abstract concept of truth have dimensions? We’re talking about thoughts, which are representations of abstractions. Representations of abstractions can and do exist materially. I don’t know why you’re digging up what we’ve been over and pretending it’s new. Perhaps you’re hoping that people will only read the last post. Whatever makes you happy.

Does the brain become more crowded with each new piece of acquired wisdom? How many thoughts can the brain contain until the skull runs out of room? Does truth contain more molecules than opinions?

I was wondering how long it would take the argument from ignorance to come out. Congratulations on waiting this long. This amounts to saying that the brain can’t contain representations of abstractions because we don’t know how it does.

Would you like me to explain to you exactly how the brain stored thoughts about abstract concepts? I’d be happy to, as soon as you tell me how the immaterial mind does so, and exactly how it’s impeded by dementia and schizophrenia within the material brain. And when a schizophrenic thinks that people are conspiring against him, does that originate with the brain or the supposed immaterial mind?

I happen to believe that the human brain is designed. I also believe that its designer is smart enough to build something that can produce and maintain representations of abstract concepts. You’re in the rather odd position of claiming that the designer lacks such capability or is prevented from doing so by flimsy logic that falls apart under scrutiny.

Not only does your bad logic force you to come up with complicated explanations for things like dementia and schizophrenia (although you haven’t, still a big open question) but it also forces you to place limitations on God. Check your math.


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