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Quote (Driver @ Jan. 09 2014,19:46)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Jan. 09 2014,00:17)
Holy fuck. †We might have found a UDer even more stupid than Joe Gallien.

† † †
Joe: "Lizzie sez that the fundamentals of evolutionism are reproduction and variation. Those are the same fundamentals as Intelligent Design Evolution and Baraminology."

If that wasn't bad enough...

† † †
Eric Anderson: "And, actually, reproduction isnít even fundamental. The only reason reproduction is necessary is because organisms donít live forever.

To see what I mean, as an interesting thought experiment consider a single-celled organism that were to live for 100M years. What kinds of changes would we expect it to experience during its lifetime? How would we expect it to change? Would we expect it to turn into a different kind of creature over that time period, and if not, why not?

Once we have taken time to thoughtfully consider the above questions, we realize that the only thing reproduction does is provide additional opportunities for variation (due to copying mistakes, swaps, etc.). But reproduction doesnít fundamentally alter anything about the evolutionary storyline: (mostly unspecified) random changes occur in an organism, and over time they add up to wonderful?"


There you have it folks. †Reproduction isn't needed for evolution. †If animals lived forever eventually each individual would macro-evolve into who knows what. †:O

Words fail me.

I really should stop sniffing this shit. My brain is suffering.

how would selection enter into that, exactly...?

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