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Quote (Quack @ Jan. 06 2014,09:32)
Quote (didymos @ Jan. 05 2014,23:38)
Quote (stevestory @ Jan. 05 2014,19:13)
LOL! Bio-Complexity, a science 'journal' with 33 editors, published 1 'research' article last year. And a whopping 2 for all of 2012.

Wow, guys, the darwinian paradigm is collapsing under the assault!

Even better, out of the eight 'research' papers they've published since 2010,  seven have at least one of those 33 editors listed as an author.

Inbreeding is unhealthy. Is that predicted by ID?

Has the price of teenage brides in cows collapsed? Approximately a quarter of the editorial staff having to do their own dirty work is not conducive to prothelizing a religious belief system through Darwinian profilaxis. They need to reproduce with more 'glory be' fitness, moar 'git down now and pray' . That in itself is anathema to their stated aims. Reproduction without reality based education or more corectly ideologically enforced stupidly by bibliophilic boards of education free from constitutional constraints aka theocracy for everyone  who won't take the Rev Jim Jones Cool @id.
FuckersI I hope they die.

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