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Quote (Febble @ Jan. 05 2014,16:37)
It just dawned on me that ID is dead.

Dembski is off all radar.  He doesn't even show up in the search box at South Carolina bible college or whatever. The last post on the Design Inference is a year old.

Meyer's book went up like a firework and came down with the stick.  

Most of the static websites are moribund.  UD has banned virtually all dissenters.  The few brave enough to wander over to TSZ bail out after a couple of rounds.  The biologic institute inflates its "selected publications" with publications that have nothing to do with the biologic institute and seems to be doing no more than pretending to produce output.

Bio-Complexity is moribund.

Behe doesn't seem to have much to say.

The big guys won't come out to debate.  The small ones mostly won't leave heavily censored sites.  Even the UD newsdesk peddles 6 year old stories as "news".

And all the threads are about religion.  Or tossing coins.

I don't know why I hadn't seen it before.

It's dead.

Unfortunately, vampires & zombies are all the rage these days - so I want to see the stake through ID's ugly little heart, and even smaller brain before I count them totally dead. :)

added in edit:  I wonder if this means GEM of ICKY will be turning me into Homeland Security for threatening ID?  Or is that privilege reserved only for Dr. Dr. Dembski?

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