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Quote (Badger3k @ Aug. 18 2013,01:08)

If we go with your assumption that 10% of the posters are atheists, and if we go with 7 billion on the planet, with millions of atheists over the world, what fraction is that?

According to a 2011 survey, 64% of reddit users were American.

Now, is the internet infested with trolls?  I'd probably agree with that.

I agree that you are agreeing with that.

Are you making the claim that the society (we'll limit ourselves to American culture in general) is filled with misogynists and racists to a large degree?


14% who don't approve of inter-racial marriage. That would be over 40,000,000 people.

20% of Americans say school boards should be able to fire homosexual teachers.

Some evidence of misogyny.

Why would I concern myself with evidence, when IMO "evidence" is only the mind arranging thought and matter to support what one already wishes to believe? - William J Murray

[A]t this time a forum like this one is nothing less than a national security risk. - Gary Gaulin

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