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Quote (Driver @ Aug. 17 2013,18:27)
all the buzzwords, such as "hyper skepticism", "privilege", etc.  Like reading the pointy haired boss on Dilbert.

Are you implying that you understand Dilbert's boss, or that you don't understand what "privilege" and "hyper" mean?

Or, are you asking for simpler words? Or what?

They use buzzwords without understanding what they mean, or the correct way to use them.  When called on them, they scoff at "dictionary" definitions as if having consistent terms is something bad.  They seem to vie to see who can use the most buzzwords so they seem to be saying something, when in reality they are full of shit.

Example: Privilege is a sociological term used, and which is very flexible since it depends on the context and culture.  The SJWs use it as a bludgeon, where my being a causcasian male means I can't understand many of the things they talk about.

"hyperskepticism" is their buzzword which means "you are skeptical of things I like".  They reject any call for evidence of a claim when it supports them, but if the same situation is reversed, they'll make every demand for the same information they refused to give before.

Consistency is not part of the SJW canon.

"Just think if every species had a different genetic code We would have to eat other humans to survive.." : Joe G

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