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Caroline Crocker presented "Bunk Detecting Principles to Help the Public Assess ‘Scientific’ Claims” during the ASA annual meeting 2012 (Audio and slides are available here and here).
Principle #1
Check if the author claims that something has
been proven or declares something to be a fact.

Principle #2
Check if the author makes claims to have
accomplished something that is beyond what has
actually been done.

Principle #3
Check if what is said is scientifically accurate.

Principle #4
Beware of grandiose claims.

Principle #5
Check if the claims can be tested scientifically, that
is, can they be measured.

Principle #6
Be careful when an author makes too much of the
scientific qualifications of those involved or
disparages those who do not agree his/her views.

Principle #7
Check that the "satisfied customers," "experts,"
study participants, and promoters of the idea or
product exist and do not stand to gain from their
testimony or participation.

Principle #8
Finally, be skeptical. Do not be quick to believe people,
especially when it involves your health, faith and/or money!

I guess she never tried to assess ID-creationism this way.

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"[...] the type of information we find in living systems is beyond the creative means of purely material processes [...] Who or what is such an ultimate source of information? [...] from a theistic perspective, such an information source would presumably have to be God."

- William Dembski -

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