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Tom A

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 17 2012,17:27   

Quote (GaryGaulin @ Dec. 17 2012,16:23)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Dec. 17 2012,15:57)

YOU said science was not falsification or naturalism... so I asked what is science if not falsifiable, naturalistic or methodical?

You haven't answered that question.

Again, I listed 5 things that would have falsified evolution.  All five have been tested and found to support evolutionary theory, not disprove it.

You seem to misunderstand what falsification means.  I think you means that it is falsified.  It doesn't.  In science terms, it means that some information would falsify the hypothesis if that information is found to be true.

Evolution is certainly falsifiable, the simple fact that is has never been falsified just means that it has a lot of evidential support.  

But I understand that you don't care about how things actually work and pretend that things are the way you wish they are.

Back to my question THAT YOU BROUGHT UP... What is science if not falsifiable, naturalistic, and methodical?  

Name one advancement that is not naturalistic.

I am busy with cognitive science work I do which actually meets the parameters of actual science and follows an actual theory with an actual explanation.

No time for philosophy. Sorry..

So...your link implies that you are doing sensory research on bees.

In France.

Under a woman's name.


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