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Quote (Quack @ Dec. 11 2012,10:32)
I remember as a young boy in the town where I grew up they had something called a ship models tank and it was used to thest models of big ships to see if the design was viable and seaworhthy and I presume it did much for the Norwegian merchant navy that among other things were instrumental in beating the Nazis in WW2 by creating the world's largest shipping company called Nortraship, consisting of most of the Norwegian ships - ships out on the seven seas, that was ordered not to return to Norway after the Nazis occupied the country and very few if any returned until the war was over and what was left of our ships after having been subjected to German submarine warfare against the convoys - both the transantlantic as well as the convoys to Murmansk with all the American war equipment to help the Russians win their war against the common enemy.

Oil and fuel to keep the British RAF airborne and survive until the USA got drawn into the war, and so on an on. In short, those small models maybe did something that was good for the war effort. The Nazis were not all that far from winning the war, every link in the chain was indispensable.

I won't go into the details of how the Norwegian government shamelessly backed from their promise to renumerate the brave sailors, suffering years of convoy traffic with Jerry hunters all around, being torpedoed twice or more, with part of their pay going into a fund - "the secret Nortraship fund" for pensions or susteinance after the war.

I'v seen them, the miserable, alcoholic wrecks, forgotten(?) by their own country. They saved us, and what did they get?

So that's what models do, be they a computerized model simulation or a real, scaled down and built model of the real thing - thiy simulate the real thing to make it possible for us to test the real thing by proxy as it were or something like that. Got it, Gary?

I am mean this morning.

The only Norwegian I know could be described as miserable, if not alcoholic.... but I think it really was the 3 marriages that caused that, which given half a chance he would blame on most goverments of the world....oh and the fanatical support for whale hunting.....not to mention the fjords of course.

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