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Jerry Don Bauer

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 05 2012,13:57   

[quote=The whole truth,Dec. 05 2012,02:30][/quote]
You're the one calling "the Creator" "God". You're the one calling "that manipulator" "God". You're the one calling QM/particles "God". You're the one attributing "simple cells, then clusters of cells, then more complex organisms and finally the ultimate product: homo sapiens with fine minds that make us doctors, lawyers and engineers" to creation by "God".

It's clearly QM, I'm referring to......I can call my coffee table God if I want don't have to call it that. Watch your intellectual honesty here....others are....

since the species Homo sapiens is allegedly the "ultimate product", does that mean, to you, that evolution and/or creation* ended (everywhere and with everything) at the birth, or creation*, of the very first human*?


*I'm not saying that there was creation, or a very first human, but I'm pretty sure that you think there was.

LOL....really. You don't think there was a first organism called homo sapiens.......Did the common ancester magically poof out triplets?

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