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Jerry Don Bauer

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 04 2012,09:03   

Quote (Southstar @ Dec. 04 2012,01:12)


Wrong, entanglement effects only quantum states and information.

Well Gee.......we ARE discussing really think there is some remote possibility that I WASN'T talking about quantum states and information since particles ARE information?


Only with regards to its quantum state. You cannot remotely move particles through the air.  

Oh stop. Do you think I could REALLY place a particle on

Wasn't it enough to just bullshit biologists you had to go and bullshit physics too.. [/quote]

This is a personal attack that has nothing to do with the discussion. It shows you have no logical comeback.

Your posts have been civil up until now, however, if you start, I will simply relegate your posts to the the cheap seats...those don't get read in my threads..Be nice if you wanna play..*wink*

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