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Jerry Don Bauer

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Quote (Henry J @ Dec. 03 2012,15:45)
Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Dec. 03 2012,13:27)
Quote (Henry J @ Dec. 03 2012,14:20)
But were not ALL the particles in this universe created at the same time by the same system? Yes, that system is called the big bang.

No. Quarks and leptons would have formed out of energy after the big bang. (Composite particles would come after that, after the whole thing was cool enough for them to be stable.)

WHEN.....or what came first. second and third are not really relevant, Henry

My understanding is that matter particles formed from energy after the energy got cool enough for that to happen. I don't think they would have all formed at the same time. For more details than that, you'll have to ask a physicist.

Really no need to ask a physicist on this one because energy and particles are exactly the same thing. Remember we are at the quantum level.

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