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Quote (Quack @ Dec. 03 2012,12:15)
And I agree that I would need to show populations coming into existence all at once...but I ALREADY have that evidence. It's in the fossil record...You seem like an educated man, do I really need to walk you through the Cambrian Explosion?

Why stop at the so-called Cambrian explosion? It is such a short time, on the order of millions of years or something like that. Was the factory closed down when the Cambrium "ended"?

Why not walk us all the way from Cambrium to Holocene?

BTW - holes in the fossil record doesn't really constitue proof that species was not evolving in the interim.

Yes, please do walk us through the 55 million years of the cambrian.

In doing so, please be sure to explain, at length, the process of fossilization and why soft-bodied organisms are highly unlikely to fossilize.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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