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Quote (OgreMkV @ Dec. 03 2012,10:14)
Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 03 2012,11:50)
Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Dec. 03 2012,09:45)
Jerry in your idea, species poof into existence, they don't evolve from ancestral lines!

It's true that they don't evolve from ancestral lines, but there is no poofing involved. I know that they were designed.

Lawn Mowers are designed too by design engineers, do you think they ALSO just poof into existence? If you do, we have some discussions awaiting us... :)

This could be interesting, Jerry. áYou're the first creationist to claim to have details of the species-manufacturing process. á

If there was no poofing involved, how was it done? áA factory?

Hey Jerry, what's the fundamental difference between lawn mowers and living things (say dogs, for example)?

Lawn mowers aren't in Teh Bibble?

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