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Places like this forum exist for the purpose of forever keeping me down, until I'm totally destroyed. My crime, is not doing as Wesley and other so-called science experts dictated. It's now payback time, for years of purposely making my life hell, all in the name of Charles Darwin and your scientific politics which do not allow any theory to come before the one which is now revered.

Why bother with the so-called experts? I am the opposite of an expert. Can you name any real experts?

In what currency will the payback be reimbursed?

Trying to be explicit, but it is damn difficult as long as neither me nor anyone else knows what you are talking about.

What minimum of IQ must I have in order to be able to understand you?

What do all your diagrams show or demonstrate, exactly?

An Intelligence Generator?

What is Intelligence?

Please reference a common text, or if none fits, use your own words.

As far as I understand, you have created a computer program. What does it do? You are of course familiar with the concept of GIGO, or GAGA? Where is your program located on a scale between nonsense and sublime excellence?

As long as nobody is able to understand what you are saying you might as well speak in Gibberish instead of what youve been using so far, Nonsense: an excess of meaning, rather than a lack of it. Nonsense is often humorous in nature, although its humour is derived from its nonsensical nature, as opposed to most humour which is funny because it does make sense.

Where do we begin? Is it possible for you to explain what you are doing with, say, 100 200 words, in a manner that conveys a clear meaning? Like I dont have to be a nuclear physicist to understand what the LHC is doing?

I believe you have created a program that you want to impress as a model of, what?

What is the what that you think your program is applicable to?

Can you explain the Guess function? How does who or what perform the function of guessing?

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.
                                                                                               Richard Feynman

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