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Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 26 2012,16:55)
Quote (Quack @ Nov. 26 2012,16:03)
I trust I don't need to provide a link, if you just would take a little time off your high-strung cosmology-QM-ID-& all the rest excursion for some down to earth study:

Science Daily,
Fossils and ruins - evolution.

You will find pages of news from evolution research, all from this very year 2012CE.

Then come back an tell us that you beat 100's of scientists with a solid margin because you are much smarter than all of them.

Since IANAS, I depend on people like you to show me the way to enlightenment, seeing as scientists are rather dim, science is off on a totally wrong direction and I'll be going to hell.

You wouldn't want that to happen to a nice old man like me, would you?

I'm afraid I've studied it all at one time or another. If I didn't run across it in college, I probably looked into it more than once or twice on my own accord.

Yet, I don't consider myself any smarter than anyone else, probably average.....however, I may be better informed in my areas of interest than most are, but isn't that true with all of us?

So, are you really a nice man? Careful....Santa is watching and the time is near..........Santa is omnipresent due to quantum superpositioning. He is in all states at all times...kinda like a decaying radioactive trigger in cat's box.

Who cares?  I'm mean to idiots.

Now, you've ignored a number of direct questions.  Do we count that as lying or just avoiding an ugly truth?

Here they are since that was a whole page ago and you seem to have forgotten, instead settling for tone trolling.

) Cite (or link to) any 10 peer-reviewed papers that support ID.

2) CSI is probability mathematics now?  What is the probability that I was designed then?  how do you know?  Calculate my probability.

3) But we know the LIMITS of the designer of a subway.  If you don't know the limits of the designer, then you just assume that it can do anything (which you do).  Does the designer have any limits?  If yes, why? How do you know?  If not, why?  How do you know?  Can the designer create anything?  How do you know?  

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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