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Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 26 2012,15:26)
So, it is a fact that man has become increasingly taller since the 1600s. He has grown approximately 1.5 inches per century over that time period. How tall do you think he will be in 50,000 years?

DARWINIST: He will be 70 feet, six inches!!!
Guy with common sense....Oh, it's doubtful that he will grow much taller as genetic makeup will eventually limit that growth.


My wife has been on a diet. She has lost 3 pounds per week for the past month. How much will she lose if she stays on that diet for life?

DARWINIST: She will weigh exactly minus 200 pounds!
Guy with common sense: Oh, her metabolism will level all that out. She won't lose much more weight.


I have been bench pressing and I've increased my ability to benchpress by about 10 pounds a week for the last 3 much will I be able to press in 40 years?

Darwinist: You'll be able to benchpress 6 tons!
Guy with common get the idea...:))))

You must be trolling, nobody can be that stupid.

Barry Arrington is a bitch.

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