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Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 26 2012,11:28)
[quote=OgreMkV,Nov. 26 2012,10:30][/quote]

Not to derail the thread, but this is a fascinating claim.

First, I have some people that you need to meet. Perhaps you can explain this concept to them. Or they can convince you that you aren't a true Christian because you don't believe that the magic book is true.

No, they won't convince me of anything along that vein. There is nothing in the Christian conversion (unfortunately) that raises the IQ of the converted. Be careful who you listen to out there.

Second, which parts are literal, which parts are metaphorical... and how do you know?

You become educated. You learn that Hermeneutics is not some Arkansas farmer named Herman.

You then employ hermeneutics to ascertain truth in text. Not just the Bible....any compiled text of the similarity.


So, you have admitted that nothing will change your mind.  So we're all just wanking here.  You included.  There is no evidence that will change your mind.  You are functionally immune to evidence.

As far as listening to them... I don't even listen to you.  I hear what you say and laugh at your inability to do even the things you claim to be able to do.  (I'm still waiting for references and that CSI probability calculation.)

As far as the Bible, well, this is your thread.  Let's have some fun.

Which of these passages is literal and which is metaphorical and why?

Luke 3:2338

Matthew 1:117

And be careful, I just might surprise you with how much I've studied.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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