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1) Cite (or link to) any 10 peer-reviewed papers that support ID.

2) CSI is probability mathematics now?  What is the probability that I was designed then?  how do you know?  Calculate my probability.

3) But we know the LIMITS of the designer of a subway.  If you don't know the limits of the designer, then you just assume that it can do anything (which you do).  Does the designer have any limits?  If yes, why? How do you know?  If not, why?  How do you know?  Can the designer create anything?  How do you know?  

These are all questions that can be answered in forensics, anthropology, etc.  They cannot be answered for ID.  In fact, as you state, you go out of your way to avoid answering them.  Which means that you aren't really doing anything but making up stories.

Again, you need to meet some people.  Maybe you can convince them that they are wrong about ID and the designer or you can convince them they are wrong about ID and the designer.  But you people really need to get together and come up with one notion and stick to it.

4) Have you ever heard of "punctuated equilibria"?  Just out of curiosity, I mean, I know it's ancient science and all.  Do you understand the concept behind the Hardy-Weinberg equation and why it's relevant to this discussion?  I guess not.

BTW: You need to read this:

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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