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Do you honestly think that you're the first person to come up with these ideas or that no one has ever had to deal with these concepts that you posted?

In fact, the Kitzmiller trial dealt handily with every single one of those 'issues' that you have brought up.  Basically, what you are doing is rehashing dead arguments.

That's why we are calling it bullshit and not bothering to describe to your complete satisfaction everything you desire.  There are several other reasons.

1) You won't accept anything that actually is evidence as evidence anyway.  So there's no point in providing you with all the evidence for transitional species, abiogenesis, or anything else.  You think evidence is a book of myths written 2000 years ago.  

2) You obviously haven't bothered to even consider the mountains of peer-reviewed work written in the last 100 years.  This stuff is readily available on the internet or in the university library of your choice.  Yet, you've never even bothered to type "evidence of transitional fossils" into Wikipedia where are there are links to about 50 peer-reviewed papers and additional reference material.  When you have read every single one of them and found errors and had those errors published and recognized and published an alternate explanation that uses principles of ID, then come talk to us.  The same thing applies to abiogenesis (over 150 links to peer-reviewed research and other reference materials).

3) No one really cares that you are ignorant.  And you are.  You are stunningly ignorant about the subjects you come here to debate.  It's your own fault.  Do you know why I don't have an advanced degree?  One reason is that I can read peer-reviewed research, judge the validity on my own, and use that to compile new information all by myself.  I don't need 3 years of education on that topic.  I can literally learn anything that I want to, because I can read and think critically.  You obviously can't do these things.  Why should we spoon feed you stuff that we busted ass to learn on our own?

4) There is no indication that you want to actually learn how science, evolution, abiogenesis, fossilization, or any of a dozen other concepts that you malign work.  In other words, you are ignorant, proud of it, and choose to remain that way.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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