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Jerry Don Bauer

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 25 2012,11:24   

Guys, it's hard to address responses to my musings when all you say is

It already is taught that way.

No, the truth is not taught in schools about Darwinism....Never is it taught that the fossil record shows not a single transition from species A to species B to imply speciation......etc. only the pros are taught...not the cons.

Problem is when religious wackaloons start proclaiming their religious beliefs to be 'truth' and demanding equal time in science classrooms.

You mean the evangelical atheists called secular humanists who mask their religious faith as science to teach that man magically morphed from an ape-like critter against the scientific definition of a sexual species? I would agree.

Great.  We'll teach ID in philosophy class.

Science is also philosophy....Never heard of methodological naturalism and the scientific method?

Maxwell imagined little demons pushing molecules around too.  That wasn't evidence there are little demons pushing molecules around.

Of course not...just a good analogy to get you thinking....Never implied otherwise.

The hypothesis is that the designer in each case was human.  If not the proper name, give us the species of your Intelligent Designer.

Just like in ALL chemical design, I believe that the designer is Quantum QM a human, or a deity to you? You'll have to think that out for yourself.

More bullshit.  All those sciences start off by hypothesizing the identity of the designer (usually human, sometimes animal in the case of trace fossil evidence), then trying to match the unknown with something previously known to be designed. you believe that chemistry, biology and physics also has designers.....They all begin by hypothesising the designer.......This is news to me, but I'll take

Your "model for initial design" is nothing more than POOF!  MAGIC MAN DID IT!'

No, that's abiogenesis and natural selection with people magicially poofing from monkeys and birds popping into dinosaurs and the like that is confusing you. Again, I believe QM does the designing. You have my permission to call QM God if you wish....:)

Do you have anything new to add beyond the stale old PRATT claims from the IDiot camp?  If not, there's nothing to discuss.

You seem quite adept at discussion thus far....*wink*

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