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Quote (Dr.GH @ May 05 2019,17:34)
Would you like to explain how Tour, and Szostak first came to your attention?

I am not disagreeing with the content your comments on Reddit about James Tour, I could have written them myself. I am interested in your inspiration. I was lead to the YouTube talk promoted and recorded by the Discovery Institute by a comment on FaceBook. I could have saved 40+ hours, and even some money if I had ignored him.

In more detail: I was led to the James Tour video by the Reddit thread. I first watched some of it then soon gave up after his insults became too disturbing. Afterwards I watched a little at a time, and eventually saw the part where he was trashing Jack Szostak.

It did not seem possible for there to be such a giant mistake so I right away searched for the Nature article. There was no mention of the exact molecules shown and did not find anything in a search and decided to verify them by their atomic structure, while saving links to post in the Reddit forum. Having that online two days later sounds about right. In addition the molecules on the chart I out of curiosity studied related chemistry.

With there being no doubt that James Tour was very wrong I then more carefully studied his behavior. I saw warning signs of dementia galore. And it seemed unlikely for a good liar to try something that common sense would indicate is guaranteed to fail.

Although I expected Jack already knew about the video I emailed him to make sure he did, and mentioned "the issue has to be the sanity of an organization that believes the warning signs of dementia indicate genius."

After he replied back about it being "impossible to argue rationally with people who do not even want to think about the questions we are addressing" I sent him the earlier posted How to Talk to a Delusional Person video, warning sign list, and mentioned how his earlier (as per YouTube link) spiritual awakening indicates that "in his religious circle the goal is to achieve the symptoms of a serious mental illness."

As fate would have it James apparently had a good day then as you reported on your blog he apologized. To be certain this actually (almost too good to be true) happened I checked with Jack and he said "Yes, it’s true, he did apologize."

I needed to make sure Jack was prepared for what I expected to be the case, where as I said the "recommended response is to like a friend" talk to the person. As it turned out James called him, done. Issue is now the DI "scientific organization" enablers who by publishing the video took advantage of James Tour's state of mind.

It's hard to exactly say what my time and money wasting inspiration is. Part of it is the intelligence related theory that I was working on before the Discovery Institute existed. Their one sentence premise (I still have below in my signature line) then holds true, but of course the DI network honestly has a mostly religious addiction related agenda that has to hit rock-bottom before a scientific theory can save them.

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

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