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Quote (Jkrebs @ Dec. 02 2018,12:07)
That is, banned. Thanks for the explanation, Alan.

All in all, better for me to not be able to post, anyway.

Jack, unless you're already one of the regulars (and I never noticed) you might like to check out what's happening at the Reddit DebateEvolution forum. This is not one of the most visited forums but it's making noticeable progress documenting why the controversy is the result of nothing new, just the side effects of overindulgence in something that feels good but requires denial of facts leading to a misinformation led subculture who sees everyone else as an enemy that's out to get them.


For everyone wondering what has been keeping me too busy to post much: I have been in a race with time to set up a system for using freeze/thaw cycles to chisel apart thousands of sometimes paper thin sedimentary layers, by force freezing and thawing of the upper two to three feet of strata using forced air, vacuum, and 400 gallon (before covering with plastic it was more like a mosquito breeding pit) basin at the highest elevation for chilling and gravity feed injection of water that is close to freezing, into where it's normally too warm or dry to quickly weather out like the outer surfaces.

Last summer it was determined there is scientifically new information on at least one of several hundred layers that are too well bonded together to separate with chisels or go through by hand like at the outer bedrock surfaces. Thus there are now two 3/8 x 39 inch deep bore holes in the (with fissures between them considered) two 20 foot by 20 foot boulder like areas that together comprise the upper area of the dinosaur tracksite. It will be mostly a passive system that later requires little of my time to keep going.

If it were for not making progress on what sounds like a crazy backyard fracking experiment then I would have given up by now. To our knowledge this is the first time something like this has ever been attempted.

With faucet water/pressure I already washed out plenty of clay that at first kinda oozed out the sides from between layers. Complete decomposition produces nutrient rich and (like having plenty of lime already applied) calcite neutralized soil that dinosaurs helped fertilize too, which 200 millions later made this region famous for having some of the most productive and sustainable farming soil of them all. Unlike other geological conditions where salts and metals combine to form toxic brine I have to be careful not to turn the bedrock back into fertile soil that could be dug through with a shovel. The tracksite is then an excellent place for a garden, but all the trace fossils would be destroyed.

I'll soon enough be in my winter indoor mode and back to the ID Lab and other things. I did though manage to keep up with what was happening at the Reddit forum. In at least in my opinion I was able to help make it a useful resource to be proud of, instead of ashamed of. Like a heavy load having been taken off my shoulders this change has made everything else I need to get caught up on easier to focus on.

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

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