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Quote (N.Wells @ May 12 2017,12:25)
From your latest version (which is still problematic):
A "hypothesis" is an idea you can test.

No, that’s close but it’s simplistic and is not technically accurate.  (& 'An', not 'A'.) ......

The core five word "an idea you can test" definition for a hypothesis works fine, the way it is. Those I see asking for more are confusing a proposed explanation (a theory) with a hypothesis. It's easy enough for all to this way keep the two well separated.

According to the definition's logic: a proposed explanation for how something works should NOT ever be called a "hypothesis", in that case it's actually a "theory".

It is possible to propose a "fabric of the universe" type hypothesis that leads to numerous "String Theories" that are to some degree mathematically testable. Not working as well as expected for modeling a universe helped cause the theories (then the hypothesis they started from) to fail, thus "String Theory" was being tested, just not to the fullest degree possible using technology that does not yet exist.

In regards to "intelligent cause" science requires a model based cognitive science operational definition, as in the theory I wrote. The problem is with those who expect an unexplainable "supernatural" type intervention, instead of scientific theory for how the intelligent cause of all living things actually works.

The PBS - Dinosaur Train definition has proven itself to be extremely useful. I have found that no additional detail is necessary. And with this being a culturally established science-changer that you are powerless to change you will just have to get used to it, anyway. Might as well learn to enjoy the time saver. You will never convince me that it is necessary to complicate things until it takes a science journal run organization to decide whether something is a theory, or not in which case it gets deceptively demoted by considering it something lesser such as "only a hypothesis". Best to beforehand know which (by most modern simple definition) the writing actually is, before sending to a publisher as one or the other. They would rather not waste time having to figure that out, for you.

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

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