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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Dec. 02 2012,23:01)
Quote (sparc @ Dec. 02 2012,21:58)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Dec. 02 2012,18:37)
Quote (Quack @ Dec. 02 2012,05:35)
What, and how will you teach the teachers?

Here's one way:

I didn't read the article yet. But according to Acrobat's search function no word containing "intelli" appears in the text. The starting paragraph says:  
Although the cell membrane is a complex structure, its basic form, and the self-organizing behavior of the molecules that produce it, can be easily simulated in a high school science classroom.
(emphasis mine)
Self-organizing complex structures with intelligence involved?

Seemingly, you didn't dare to mention your theory in that article.

BTW, the article is freely available here.

Thanks for letting me know that a .pdf is now easy to find online! It was initially in Encyclopedia Britannica but that required a subscription.

Intelligence related theory is one of my scientific interests, a most favorite. Due to the Theory of Intelligent Design being harder to explain and more controversial than "self-assembly" was (back then) it's important to first pave the way, ahead of time.

As with the self-assembly demonstration I enjoy introducing new concepts to education. This theory bundles up a number of them, including self-assembly which is here needed for the theory to be coherent, even though self-assembly is not intelligent.

1) Scientists have been researching vesicle formation for decades.  In fact, Oparin put forth the notion in 1924.  Nothing in this is new.

2) The notion that vesicles are evidence of intelligent design is ludicrous.  Such vesicles form easily under a variety of conditions.  Why don't you go ask Jerry if vesicles have CSI.

3) I notice that your NCSE thing has 1 review.  Do you have stats on how often it's been downloaded?  Did you write the review?

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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