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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 01 2012,15:51   

Quote (GaryGaulin @ Dec. 01 2012,15:10)
Quote (olegt @ Dec. 01 2012,14:59)
Name some names, Gary.

I know better than to make them another target of your abuse.  

Yeah, you were just minding your own business, and we came to your blog and savagely abused you.  Or, uh, something.

I only want to know why you trust the opinion of those who do not even bother to read the theory, over those who did and found it useful.

Why even read something that doesn't begin with discovery, but with mere assumption and assertion?  You seem unable even to understand the importance of learning from the phenomena at issue, preferring simply to impose your prejudices in your "model."
Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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