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So now multiple scientists at multiple fora have told him 1) ID is wrong, but 2) Unlike ID, your stuff isn't even wrong, it's incoherent, we can't even make out what you're trying to say, you simply can't express yourself clearly enough for anyone to know what you're talking about.

...and yet he's incapable of understanding that the problem isn't everybody else being defective...

I've read before about people in cults, that sometime evidence they're wrong can actually reinforce the belief, because they can't deal with the idea that the belief is wrong.

Personally, I'm disappointed. I wish Gary was only as terrible as your average ID person. At least the average ID person can usually make a clear argument. An actual, meaty argument we can go hog wild on. That's more fun that Gary. Hard to tear into anything he says because it's babbling gibberish.

Any idea which forum you're going to next gary? Hint, wherever it is, scientists there will call you incoherent. Hint 2: It won't be them who're deficient.

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