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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Dec. 01 2012,12:33)
Here is a good example I ran across in an Atheism forum, which helps show the educational problem. Notice how if they cannot understand a theory then the problem is not with them, its blamed on me as though its my fault they are way behind in science:

[]zeroone 1 point 1 year ago
Can someone try to make sense of this:_
[]bloodredsun 2 points 1 year ago
A big bag of crazy?
[]zeroone 1 point 1 year ago
Of course. But, ID arguments are usually at least somewhat coherent. Meaning, ID arguments usually involve invented/misinterpreted facts and logical fallacies. But, this is way beyond that. I can't understand a bit of it.

Gary, given your extensive trolling history, what % of scientists find your VB code conjecture compelling, and what % think you're a dipshit wackaloon?

Using Bayesian confidence, what are the odds it's not actually 'the rest of the world" but is infact 'you' that's not getting it?

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