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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 27 2012,21:57)
Quote (sparc @ Nov. 27 2012,21:35)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 27 2012,21:30)
Relevant clue:
Evolution Under Environmental Stress at Macro- and Microscales
Eviatar Nevo*


Environmental stress has played a major role in the evolution of living organisms (Hoffman AA, Parsons PA. 1991. Evolutionary genetics and environmental stress. Oxford: Oxford University Press; Parsons PA. 2005. Environments and evolution: interactions between stress, resource inadequacy, and energetic efficiency. Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc. 80:589–610). This is reflected by the massive and background extinctions in evolutionary time (Nevo E. 1995a. Evolution and extinction. Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology. New York: Academic Press, Inc. 1:717–745). The interaction between organism and environment is central in evolution. Extinction ensues when organisms fail to change and adapt to the constantly altering abiotic and biotic stressful environmental changes as documented in the fossil record. Extreme environmental stress causes extinction but also leads to evolutionary change and the origination of new species adapted to new environments. I will discuss a few of these global, regional, and local stresses based primarily on my own research programs. These examples will include the 1) global regional and local experiment of subterranean mammals; 2) regional experiment of fungal life in the Dead Sea; 3) evolution of wild cereals; 4) “Evolution Canyon”; 5) human brain evolution, and 6) global warming.

Do you cite this paper to refer to Dr. Lenski's work?

No, I did not cite this paper to refer to Dr. Lenski's work. This paper discusses what I was talking about, while you and others tried to make it seem like it was impossible for me to be making perfect sense.

Gary Tard, the paper you have sited does nothing to advance your position.

You have constantly failed to show intelligence in any of these papers: Lenski, Eviatar Nevo, or Luria–Delbrück.  Actually you have failed to show intelligence in general.

You have refused to show where the "hardware" for making intelligent decisions is located in any cell.

You have ignored continual corrections that "molecular intelligence" is not what you think it is.

You have not read any of Lenski's work, that is clear by the stupid objections that you have made.

Please read the stuff then come back and we can talk about it.

"Cows who know a moose when they see one will do infinitely better than a cow that pairs with a moose because they cannot see the difference either." Gary Gaulin

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