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Right, so you are redefining "learning" to mean "DNA exchange".  You are redefining "intelligence" to mean "any activity that's beyond what you think should happen".

The truth is that you are redefining terms in order to discredit scientific theory which operationally defines the already in scientific use phrases "cellular intelligence" and "molecular intelligence".

Anyway, I'm off to my day job!

Bet you can't quote a peer-reviewed research paper as saying that "conjugation" = "learning" or that "intelligence" = "chemical reactions".

That's because of the Marxist-Nazi-Popperist punishment squads patrolling the halls of academe, Ogre.  Haven't you been paying attention?

So, he's on to us.  Crap.

This could Gary guy could bring us all down.  He seems to know the truth and has the determination to bring us to our knees, unlike the hundreds of other people who also thought they knew the truth before Gary appeared.

So far, in the last 150 years, we have successfully rebuffed every attempt by those that actually knew the truth.  It was an amazing display of coordinated effort from tens of thousands of low paid scientists, hundreds of politicians, thousands of businesses ranging from agricultural equipment manufacture to Big Pharma.  Despite all the differences, infighting, funding battles, and other internal squabbles, we have held firm on this one goal.

But now that Gary knows the truth, we are doomed.  DOOMED, I tell you {slaps table for emphasis!}.  All that work to filter out the 3 or so pro-ID papers that have been submitted is wasted.  All that money we successfully prevented pro-ID scientists from applying for. (How's that continuing project going Agent Guacamole?)  All those popular books that we forced them to publish in, instead of peer-reviewed journals that we control via the dozens of publishers in dozens of countries (in spite of the fact that a single scoop would elevate the scooper to never before seen heights of fame and recognition).

No, we are beaten.  Beaten by one guy on a forum that must have tens of daily readers.  How can we possibly recover from this disaster?  

Ladies and gentlemen, as a member of this group that nefariously uses reason, evidence, and other scientific principles to support our grand plan of suppressing the truth of the myth of ID, I can only say one thing... it's over.

We tried.  We did our best.  Somehow, we've been found out.  Gary must be the smartest, most dedicated investigator on the planet.  His mountains of evidence of our global, multi-generational conspiracy has undermined all of our efforts.  Every single product developed by evolutionary principles will now, no longer work.  Instead, as the truth is revealed to the world, ID principles will take over the function of those systems.

Bacteria!  DAMN YOU BACTERIA!!  We've been keeping them as little more than sacks of cytoplasm for years.  Now, the truth comes out and they will become intelligent, dooming the world of eukaryotes by sheer numbers.  Do you see what you've done Gary?  Do you understand why we had to keep this conspiracy under wraps?  

The bacteria HATE us.  Now, with your revelations, they become intelligent and we will be powerless against their ability to rewrite their genetic code into anything they want.  The superbugs of evolution will become super-powered bugs.  Our hidden ID research facility suggest that in less than five years, the bacteria will have developed the ability to shoot megajoule high frequency lasers and grow adamantium claws from their flagella.  They will use our own weapons against us.

There is only one option left.  They last step to prevent the revelations of the truth and prevent bacteriagghedon.

We'll have to activate plan Omega.  

Good-bye my friends.  It has been a pleasure being a member of this grand conspiracy all these years.

Forgive my tardiness (ahahahaha, see what I did there?).

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