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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 26 2012,23:56)
Typo, the word "nylonase" should read "nylon" or better yet be removed due to it being redundant:

A viable experiment here would be to clone e.coli in ideal conditions, while comparing to those cloned in conditions where there are antibiotics, teratogens and other near fatal chemicals that at first kills almost all of them off. For good luck clone a batch that only has for a food source a well worn nylon stocking and maybe a sweaty/smelly cotton blend gym sock to help get them started on their new diet.

Anyway, if mutations are indeed like some suggest random and without reason then perfect clones should be produced for an equal number of generations, in any condition.

This has been already done and resaults have been published. Read about Richard Lenski's work with LTEE.

Once you have read his papers (presuming you can read them) please come back and tell us why some of the e.colli evolved Cit+ mutation and why others didn't? Were they dumber?

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