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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 26 2012,17:13)
Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 26 2012,09:24)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 26 2012,06:20)
Quote (blipey @ Nov. 26 2012,01:37)
Are you saying that bacteria self-modify?  It really seems like this is what you are saying?  Is it?  Bacteria modify their own genes?  Please try to keep your answer under 17,000 words and no music links.

As long as "self-modify" is not loaded with anthropomorphic and/or religious meaning and is kept scientific as in the phrase "gene modification" then yes, bacteria can (self-)modify their own genes. There is no scientific controversy over that being true.

So are you saying that bacteria choose to modify their genes?*

The cellular intelligence of a bacterium no more chooses to modify their genes than you choose to digest your food after eating. It just happens.

At the molecular intelligence level of a bacterium (a genome) it is the same as saying that a somatic cell can choose to modify their genes through somatic hypermutation.

Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 26 2012,09:24)
That nylonase was a deliberated response to exposure to nylon, and not just an advantageous variation that resulted in differential reproductive success?

Since "deliberated" can be used as a loaded word indicating "God did it" you will have to rephrase the question before I can answer that.

Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 26 2012,09:24)
Or do you consider random variation part of your "molecular/cellular intelligence" paradigm?

The phrase "random variation" does not apply to this cognitive theory, therefore it is never used. It is a generalization which encourages sloppy science whereby you still feel intellectually fulfilled even though you did not explain a damn thing about how said "variation" occurred or why.

This is not what you claim in your "paper".  You specifically state that bacteria and embryos choose to change their genome.

Interesting, you appear to have changed your document and it no longer contains that phrase.  Have you changed your mind then?

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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