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Glen Davidson

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The question to be asked is how Gary's IDiocy improves on 'God's really smart and did it all.'  I mean, if you're going to make up a cause, rather than to discover one, why not just stick with God?

Neither Gary nor Dembski cares in the slightest that the problem with intelligent design being behind life is that life incorporates really weird adaptations that work causally only with unintelligent evolution doing it all.  All they do is invoke a vague, nameless, and completely unknown "cause"--intelligence or God, or a very intelligent God--and it's all just fine, never mind the many cases that aren't intelligent, like the coccyx (used, hardly ideal for its use), endless numbers of fused bones that would make more design sense just developing as single bones (bird wings being a prime example), but which hark back to earlier times when articulations were the more useful traits, or the evolutionary way in which testes develop, which is ridiculous by any design standard.

So you have stupid "intelligence," and all they do is insist that only intelligence could have done what non-teleological evolutionary theory predicts.  Why care about Gary's trite junk?  God, Zeus, Gandalf, pantheism, what-not is as good, and certainly as bad, as Gary's baseless fictions.  

One almost feels some pity for Gary, wasting his life on tripe that he seems to be sure is gold, but which fails to be epistemically sound on a very basic level.  Of course he'd be appalled if he were convicted on the bases by which he holds out IDiocy as Grand Truth, but he knows that it's science because it's true (for very odd meanings of "true"), and, like any other idiot, he wants science to say that it's true because science has a reputation for being generally accurate, but of course science would have to abandon all standards to endorse what Gary says.  

The Jesus IDiots know that, actually, hence the sinister undercurrent in the Wedge document, however Gary seems just content to hurl insults about Nazis and Commies, never mind that both were, at least at times, opposed to sound evolutionary theory.

Same old, we've heard that BS over and over again.  Trouble for Gary is that, although he really seems to have a religious agenda behind it all, his "model" (model of misconceptions in his head, is all) really looks like it could leave religion behind, in fact.  Hence, there is no constituency for it at all.  Science merely notes what it lacks--like any evidence for intelligence behind wild-type life--and to the usual creationist it looks like it really might be irreligious.  Gary can't scam (deliberately, or, seemingly, likely due to vast ignorance of science) science, and doesn't offer enough Bible to religion.

So it's just go to forum after forum, never learning anything except that science is a big meanie for not recognizing his evidence-free genius--and charge persecution.  Probably till he dies, much as JAD did.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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