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Quote (damitall @ Nov. 23 2012,18:11)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 23 2012,09:26)
Quote (k.e.. @ Nov. 23 2012,08:25)
keep googling troll

I was refreshing my memory. Still did not run across the list of papers pertaining to molecular intelligence, but found this one:

Solving Traveling Salesman Problems Using Molecular Programming

Note: Solving a Traveling Salesman Problem is a "programming" challenge, not an indicator of "intelligence".

What, you mean like making virtual critters move towards targets on a monitor screen?


He's the classic fundy marksman.

Shoots at a barn wall then goes over and draws a bullseye on the hole.

That paper has nothing to do with 'molecular' intelligence or much to do with the TSP.

They are using a GA for small scale analysis of hydrogen bonds in DNA because the TSP looks a bit like the math involved in the bonds.

Something I'm pretty sure Gary doesn't understand.

Gary please explain how the TSP relates to hydrogen bonds.

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