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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 23 2012,16:07)
Quote (k.e.. @ Nov. 23 2012,02:38)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 23 2012,05:23)
The reality is that I have been explaining the most useful scientific models known to cognitive science........

No you haven't....cognitive dissonance ....maybe.

Your newest replies only add to the growing evidence for group Dunning–Kruger effect
being alive and well in this forum.

But for an idea of all else that is taught there see the list of undergraduate (also graduate is good) courses:

Molecular Intelligence was a one year program, which is why some of the references and information is now a little dated. But it none the less was a help defining the concept of molecular intelligence, molecular systems which produce intelligence.

Molecular intelligence does not have to be biological, but it certainly has to be intelligent to qualify as intelligence. We are then back to what a system absolutely has to have for it to qualify as intelligent, which was best covered by the robotic work of David Heiserman (and still has not been beat).

Either better explain how intelligence and intelligent cause works, or further prove to be no friend of science.

keep googling troll

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