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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 19 2012,08:19)
Oh and (where you check) you'll find that theories are normally published in book form. There is now the internet changing where people find reading material, and areas of science which need to exchange code (not lab-results).  Demanding that a theory has to first be presented in a short science journal article is another attempt at ignoring the already existing theory.

You also apparently have reading comprehension issues, which comes as no surprise.  I don't know whether this is due to some kind of cognitive deficit on your part or just plain mendacity.  No one said anything about "Demanding that a theory has to first be presented in a short science journal article..."  
You test your hypothesis and publish the results.  Then real scientists can attempt to duplicate your results and in so doing, add weight to the accuracy of the hypothesis.  I said earlier that you have an ill-formed hypothesis because, among other reasons, there isn't even a suggestion as to how it might be tested on actual biological specimens.  Surely even you can understand why this is a problem.

Evolution is not about laws but about randomness on happanchance.--Robert Byers, at PT

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