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OK Gary, you have a theory? (I don't think so but you maybe do?)
If, in the unlikely case that you actually have a theory, insane and useless or not, how do you use your theory? Is it good for anything and if you think so, good for what?

I presume, althought that may be more than deserved, that you properly understand what "theory" means; the implications of something being presented as a theory, and are able to draw the proper conclusions from that.

So what use is a theory if it suggest no experiment and no way to test for a positive or negative result - to determine if the theory is valid, if it should be abandoned, or modified to better suit the purpose and so on and on and on.

You got some work before you my lad, and the first is to fix the tumbleweed of your brain.

Just think, if you can, that I only ever spent seven years in school, have no scientifc training - and yet I can write coherent sentences dealing with subjects in intelligible terms, and in English to boot - another of all the subjects that I've been able to learn all by myself!

I could go on for pages and readers would not be in any doubt of what I want to say, while you crank out endless reams of gibberish. It ain' t even funny.

Rocks have no biology.
              Robert Byers.

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