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Quote (Woodbine @ Nov. 15 2012,17:11)
I have some good questions, Gary!

1) Why do you keep posting that PSC badge in your signature in every forum you inhabit?
1b) Do you believe it helps or hinders your mission?

2) Is there anyone on the planet Earth besides yourself using your 'theory' in any way, shape or form?

3) How many more forums do you think you will have to visit after this one before it sinks in that nobody understands a word you are saying?

4) How many more times do you need to be reminded what a scientific theory is before it sinks in?

5) How many more times do you need to be asked what your theory explains or predicts before it sinks in that whatever you claim to be doing - it isn't science.

1, the PSC award banner (that is only for award winners) is there so that no matter how well you think you're doing (making it seem that you know better than everyone else) the how-to community most knowledgeable in what else is around already made it clear what they think about it, and you cannot change that. And 1b it's my mission to make sure they are proudly represented and credited not sidelined in a forum where some will always instead demand respect of some pompous tribunal, which even needs to judge theory with recent controversial philosophy to get the answer they want.

2 only helps show how out of touch with the rest of the planet your opinion is, which leads to 3,4,5 not being worth answering. Reality is, that programmers, school board members, artists, politicians and others found this theory useful for answering questions they had in regards to the scientific merit of the Theory of Intelligent Design and what a theory is and is not. I already explained how in Kansas the US laws and ethics combines to add an unresolved public hearing requiring a number of years after that to even begin to resolve, and all that takes the outcome of this theory very seriously. It's a learning thing, at the citizenry level, that the law of the land wants to happen too. Modern day in the name of science invading your forum like this, then makes our forefathers proud. So for whatever it's worth, here again is the link to what is to be fairly judged to be science or not:

Theory of Intelliget Design - Download Page with 3 Formats (including pdf)

And of course:

Computer Model with included Theory of Intelligent Design at Planet Source Code

And even though I try not to outdo YouTube videos here's one more to add to your culture collection:

Collective Soul w/ Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra

The videos I link to can make a music teacher proud. The theory's art/music model already shows US culture, at its best. And I know you can't beat that with your paradigm either. Really need a theory that is already stuck in a culture war, where in a sense all that need be easily changed is its outcome, by not over-reacting, and other simple basics which all help change the way things go.

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

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