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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Nov. 14 2012,08:15)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 14 2012,08:03)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 14 2012,02:27)
And I can easily say that a human is an intelligent designer. And cellular intelligence is the intelligent designer of the intelligent human. And molecular intelligence is the intelligent designer of the intelligent cells.

Your point is now what? That you cannot accept that as making scientific sense because your scientific method requires a deity of some stature in a scientific theory for you to accept it as scientific?

The logical fallacies in this regurgitation are just stunning.

1) Assuming the claim "cells have intelligence"
2) false extension "cellular intelligence designed human intelligence"
3) Assuming the claim "molecules have intelligence"
4) false extension "molecular intelligence designed cellular intelligence"

Gary, do you have any idea what "evidence" is?

Do you have ANY evidence for ANYTHING you have said?

Gary is simply continuing the same confusion and conflation of "ordinary design" with "rarefied design" that underlies the rest of the "intelligent design" creationism movement. His difference with the rest is that he appears to have a stepwise approach rather than an all-one-lump sort of thing.

I don't recall a "rarefied design" and will look that up.

Well I found a Paper-City Magazine with House and Design feature and similar links:

It is so rare not even I know what it is yet. Thankfully, the theory helps keep it very simple. Best kept that way.

There is here a theory with a model that is fun to experiment with, that just so happens Creation Science can enjoy too. Nothing out of bounds of science about that, at all.

I earlier linked to the mandatory Everything Is Energy video to help conceptualize what the theory looks like where it ends up answering the cosmological big-questions. If what is in the video is what you call Creationism then witness how far Creationists have come since Dover.

More information on how the scientific method here works is in Wikipedia - Collective Intelligence especially about developing "The Golden Suggestion" that was here the one sentence premise for a theory all were invited to help figure out. It only makes sense that collective intelligence goes crazy with a golden suggestion like that here, because of your hating it real good. But the theory can take it.

To help get back on track a little, here is where what I said now stands in the theory which more or less etched it in stone. I could make a place for it in the Intro but at least should be somewhere in it:

We can here say that a human is an intelligent designer. Cellular intelligence is the intelligent designer of the intelligent human. Molecular intelligence is the intelligent designer of the intelligent cells. Behavior of Matter is the behavioral designer of genetic based molecular intelligence systems, from which the other levels of intelligence are in-turn emergent from.

As you can see I am clearly wording what in context of theory can be said, so there is no confusion as to what you end up with for an answer. That's the way the science goes, nothing I can do about it, in the first place.

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

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